Word of God Bible College

Word of God Bible College, founded in the year 2000, offers an intensive program of Theology, Bible study, Greek, Hebrew, hermeneutics, missions and evangelism, Church history, and other subjects. The goal is not only to teach these subjects, but to prepare students to be able to study on their own.

The goal is not simply to impart information, but to provide training so that the students become proficient in using the tools necessary for Bible study and exegesis so that they can continue to grow spiritually for the rest of their lives. It is our objective to provide students with thorough understanding of the foundational tools, as well as initial guidance in their application so that they are prepared to do ministry.

The College uses a modular system for most subjects. Courses in a particular area of study are given over a 2–4 week period, and then another course is studied. The exception is the language courses which are given daily.

The faculty is made up mostly of pastors—men who have a deep understanding of the Bible and theology, but who also have a good grasp of what ministry requires. Instructors for Word of God Bible College all have academic credentials as well as hands-on experience and are involved in on-going local church ministries as pastors, teachers, elders, evangelists, or administrators. The instructors serve not only as teaches, but as role models to our students. It is our goal to ultimately have enough nationals trained sufficiently that they can teach on a Bible college level so that the school is not dependent on foreign teachers.