James F. Myers Ministries' primary purpose is to train national Christian leaders in the former Soviet Bloc countries and other nations. The primary focus of the ministry is in Kiev, Ukraine, where the ministry started Word of God Bible Church and founded Word of God Bible College.

James F. Myers Ministries also conducts conferences and workshops in other countries, traveling regularly to Zambia and Brazil, and to many other countries in eastern Europe and central Asia.

Please take a moment and view this video introduction to get a better understanding of how God is working through this ministry to bring the light of His Word to some of the darkest corners of the world.

Word of God Bible College

Word of God Bible College, founded in the year 2000, offers an intensive program of Theology, Bible study, Greek, Hebrew, hermeneutics, missions and evangelism, Church history, and other subjects. The goal is not only to teach these subjects, but to prepare students to be able to study on their own.

Zambia & Brazil

Since 2001 Jim has traveled to Zambia at least once a year to conduct pastors' conferences. Usually these are held in the big cities of Lusaka and Livingstone and in small villages as well. There has been enthusiastic response to the teaching of the Bible in these places.

Word of God Church

Word of God Church began as a home Bible study, but soon grew too large for the apartment. Many of the people were new Christians who needed to have a church home. So a new church was planted. There was no trained leadership, no Sunday School teachers, no Sunday School materials.